Specialty Piece – Jade Dragon

Winning Bid: $121.00

Truly a one of a kind piece! This gorgeous dragon measures approximately 5″ wide at the base, and 3.5″ tall.  A custom blend of colors were used for the body and details, to give the spines and horns a translucent marbled effect.  Each belly-scale was hand-rolled and painstakingly placed to create the swirled effect.  The scales, horns, and spines have been glazed to give it that extra shine!    


About Little Fat Dragon Artworks:
Each sculpture is handcrafted from premium colored polymer clay that is then baked and spot glazed with high quality polyurethane for extra durability and shine.  The glass eyes are hand-painted to give each character a personal expressive touch that is all their own.

While these are small and enjoyed by children this is NOT a toy, it is a handmade collectible and should not be played with.

Item condition: New

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