Mystery Little Fat Dragon


Mystery Dragon

  • With this listing you are purchasing a mystery Little Fat Dragon of standard size (typically 2-2.5 inches in height). I will choose the “mystery” portion…. the colors, the details, the pose and an extra dose of cuteness before wrapping up your little surprise and sending them off to their new home.


Please Note:

  • The thumbnails included in this listing are examples of similarly themed sculptures I have done in the past, not a guarantee that you will receive exactly like the pictures.


  • Because these are a made-to-order item shipping time will be dependent on the size of the blind-bag batch, so please keep this in mind, and I will endeavor to keep everyone posted as to when their surprise is shipped!


  • Each sculpture is handcrafted from premium colored polymer clay that is then baked and spot glazed with high quality polyurethane for extra durability and shine.  The glass eyes are hand-painted to give each character a personal expressive touch that is all their own.


  • While these are small and enjoyed by children this is NOT a toy, it is a handmade collectible and should not be played with.