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I am the proud owner of 3 little fat dragons (one shown on the page – the gorgeous black one laying on his back with all his pretty belly showing – Hagrid). I love them all so much. They are so well crafted and each so individual. I am so looking forward to what delightful creations become available in the future! Wish I could afford to own them all!

Robin S

Gorgeous Solar has arrived all the way over the pond to his new home in South Wales, UK. He is my second LFD and he is sooooo gorgeous! The detailing is even more impressive than on the photographs. I am so happy, thank you

HomeEd Erika

I own quite a few Little Fat Dragons now and I love every single one!! The expressions and poses are adorable. I’ve got so many favorites, I can’t even list them all. I cannot wait to see what LFD brings out next!!!