Geeking the world, one clay brick at a time

Part-time superhero, part-time artist, full-time mommy – Kelsey started sculpting for more than just a hobby after her son was born and she realized she wanted to do more than just scrape peas off the ceiling.  Before the tiny human arrived on the scene, she worked in IT, however once he showed up she realized that children are unpredictable in their noise-making propensities and this would impinge greatly on her ability to sound professional on the phone when working from home.  She also quickly discovered that while she loved being home, there were only so many times one could clean the house before starting to lose one’s mind.

She started looking for things to do, and since she had enjoyed sculpting for as long as she could remember, she began experimenting with various media for fun, and before she knew it she was into the hard stuff: Polymer Clay.

At first she had a small but complimentary following, many of which were custom order requests, and then with the encouragement of friends and family, Little Fat Dragons was launched in February 2013.

She currently resides in NC with her husband and son, and two very spoiled-rotten kitties named Hagrid & Nymphadora Tonks