The Low Rollers

a delightful group of misfits that are the very best of friends.



Irving The Little Fat Dragon – The group’s DM, Irving spent his formative years feeling like quite the social outcast. Born with tiny wings that were not strong enough to support him, instead Irving spent his time with his feet firmly on the ground and his nose buried in a book, or two, or three. He spends his time building elaborate and imaginative worlds in which he and his best friends can adventure together

Clarence the Beholder – Clarence was proud to be a beholder until the day he discovered he was nearsighted – beholders were supposed to be fierce, scary, terrifying…..not unable to see 3 feet in front of their own face! Understanding that his eyesight would be problematic when coming up against adventurers on dungeon crawls (even with the help of several sets of contacts), he decided instead to adventure using his imagination and the help of his best friends.

Gith the Mindflayer – Gith has never quite fit in with her peers – as she grew up she discovered she had a definite distaste for feeding off the minds of others and prefers the delicious crunch of vegetables instead. Her personal motto is “Broccoli instead of Brains”. She was quite lonely until one day she happened upon a small group discussing their love of tabletop gaming and she knew right then she had found her people.